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Physical Activity that Suits You

The physical movement of a man is radically diminishing today. With innovation and all the solace it has brought along, one has little to do. The city life is a greater amount of mental work where the brain is working throughout the day and the body is scarcely strolling to the auto. Here, the brain might be worried and tired following a long hard day at work yet real developments are almost irrelevant with regards to working in an office. Absence of physical action forms into various medical issues. Did you realize that the real reason for heftiness is absence of work out? This comes full circle into different confusions and maladies that might be exceptionally hard to get over. Consequently, an appropriate practice regimen must be established to keep a sound and fit life. Give us a chance to perceive what the different practice regimens are.

Moderate Intensity Workout

A moderate intensity workout can include the following activities:

  • walking fast
  • doing water aerobics
  • ballroom and line dancing
  • riding a bike on level ground or with few hills
  • playing tennis
  • pushing a lawn mower
  • canoeing
  • volleyball
  • playing in the playground
  • skateboarding
  • rollerblading
  • walking the dog
  • hiking
  • basketball

This workout can be done every day or three to four times a week. He time duration for this could range from one to hours taking into factors like frequency of exercising, age and activity you choose.

Vigorous Intensity Workout

A vigorous intensity workout can include the following activities:

  • jogging or running
  • aerobics
  • swimming fast
  • playing singles tennis
  • playing football
  • hiking uphill
  • martial arts
  • playing chase
  • gymnastics
  • playing football
  • skipping rope
  • hockey

Again, around one hour of vigorous intensity workout should be enough. Be careful to choose the appropriate activity which your body can manage. Be aware of what and how much your body can take, especially if you have certain heart problems. In this case, moderate intensity is advised. The best style of activity is combining both kinds of activities in your regimen. But, if the obesity has gone out of hand and you are showing symptoms of diseases like diabetes or heart disease, it is better to go in for an obesity treatment before it is too late. Even post this treatment regular activity is required wherein the above mentioned list can be incorporated.