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Flat Stomach Exercise for 50s

Energetic cardio practice is a perfect level stomach practice and is one of the best and speediest approaches to lose stomach fat. The harder your body needs to work the more weight it will lose and it will do it shockingly quick. The sort of practice I mean is running, strolling, cycling, swimming or any sort of movement that you can do at an enthusiastic rate. You can do this inside or outside. You may do it on a treadmill or on a practice bicycle. It doesn’t make a difference, the length of your body is buckling down.

No less than two college contemplates have demonstrated that thirty minutes of overwhelming activity is superior to a hour of direct work out. Mind you, any practice is great and will help get thinner yet it will do it all the more gradually. This can cripple you. Additionally, it can be elusive a hour on end all the time. Then again on the off chance that you are accustomed to going for consistent strolls and it is working for you and you appreciate it, then continue doing it. It is an awesome approach to keep up your physical and mental prosperity.

But You Are Over 50 and Overweight

If you are very overweight or have injuries or joint or back problems or you are very unfit you need to use common sense and not put yourself at risk by rushing into vigorous exercise. You simply do what you can. Find an exercise you can do without too much discomfort. For example, start out walking at a moderate pace for 30 minutes, three or four times a week.

Do this for a couple of weeks and then intersperse that with intervals of brisk walking. You could walk briskly for 20 seconds then moderately for 60 seconds. In the beginning you may only do this for 10 minutes in a 30-minute session. It may hurt to do it but gradually this should lessen. If you have a permanent injury and it is causing you discomfort you are doing the wrong exercise.

Gradually increase the intensity and the intervals until you are going as hard as you can for 8 seconds and going at a normal pace for 12 seconds. Do this for 20 minutes of your 30 minutes exercise period and do it at least three times a week. This routine was the one that was found to be the most effective, but you can design your own pattern to suit yourself. The main thing is to do the interval training as hard as you can. You can do this at any age – I am well past 50 and this is my preferred way of exercising. But then I have been exercising all my life.

The Right Exercise With The Right Food Means Less Fat

Flat stomach exercise works best with flat stomach foods. In other words, you are working against yourself if you are exercising but are not eating foods to help you lose your stomach fat. You will make little progress because your exercise is probably only keeping pace with the calories you are taking in. If you are still eating high calorie foods, you have to work all the harder just to stay the same weight. On the other hand, if you have changed to a healthy diet with a good percentage of protein, the right exercise will help you shed that stomach fat.